Slime is “in”!

By Shelby (age 10)

Have you ever heard of this thing called slime? Slime is this stretchy stuff that is really fun to play with. You can make your very own slime at home with these simple ingredients; here are some of the ingredients you may see used in making slime:

I love slime! I make it almost every day! Actually, some of the girls at school, including me, have a business where you can make and sell slime. Almost everyone I know loves and makes it. Slime is the new BIG thing with kids these days. I hope you can enjoy making slime someday too with your kids.


By Jonna (Mom) 

Slime…ugh! Yep, it’s the new rage for elementary school age children. Seems like all the kids (mostly girls) are making it. It’s a fun, new, interesting art project to do with your kidlets. However, be careful! When it becomes a daily part of your children’s life, watch out!

In the beginning when I went to Michaels to buy some of the needed products, they were mostly sold out. The sales lady asked, “I’m guessing you need these things to make slime?” Wow, this mom (moi) realized at that moment slime was bigger than I had realized. In a way I was happy my 10 year old daughter was into the current “in” thing but at the same time I was very worried about young kids using some of these products. For one, I remember my own mother using Borax (one of the ingredients) to kill ants (really!). So, I did my research and the best, most important advice I can offer moms out there regarding slime making is to make sure masks are warn during the process. Exposing lungs to Borax can be very damaging and anyone using it should be protected at all times.

So, now we make the slimy, gooey, stretchy, fun stuff together with masks on and the bonding begins…

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