Stonefire Grill new menu item preview

By Jonna Coleman (mom of two, wife of one)

When asked by to visit STONEFIRE Grill to taste/experience potentially new items for their menu, I was excited! My family and I already eat there several times a month and already love their healthy, fresh and never-greasy food. It’s like what I make at home…okay, perhaps a bit yummier if you ask my kids, so dining there is a no-brainer when I’m too exhausted to cook. Also, the prices are very reasonable, plus we can usually make a couple meals from each dinner. My husband goes for the chicken sandwiches or salmon; he’s very picky and loves them both. He wants to try other options but is a creature of habit.

The side salads are healthy and yummy; you must try the cauliflower or quinoa — yum! My daughters (ages 7 & 11) order pretty much the same thing each time: pizza and/or pasta. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get them to eat salads, but when I bargain and promise the absolutely amazing breadsticks or totally scrumptious desserts, I win! Don’t leave without trying a piece of carrot or cheese cake. They are to die for! One slice is enough for our family of four – really!!

It was great to bring the kids along for the tasting event…they tried new things we will surely order in the future.

Let me start with the Branzino fish, OMG! My 11 year old did something she has never, ever done; asked for seconds…..yep, seconds of fish. She said later she wanted thirds but didn’t want to seem greedy. I personally don’t eat fish, but I loved almost everything else.

My favorite was the Mediterranean Chicken Platter; the flavors were all so good and easy to mix & match (so to speak) the many variety of items. The hummus is simple and so fresh…everything there is fresh! Their chicken pita has a signature twist and is also delicious, especially with a little lemon. STONEFIRE Grill uses several different grains, which is great, because it helps with introducing new tastes and textures to my kids. They both liked the farro. Be careful when you try the green paste – it’s hot! The flavor is very special but don’t try not to burn your tongue.

I was impressed to learn they make everything on site. Actually, they explained that all the recipes originated with their own family – immediate and extended. Because the two sisters who started STONEFIRE Grill in 2000 (Mary & Maureen) came from such a large family – with 11 brothers and sisters, their mother had to learn to make big, yummy meals on a budget. That’s why they don’t over charge. LOVE IT!

STONEFIRE Grill is a wonderful food experience whether you decide to dine-in or order takeout. It is a very family friendly environment, so it may be hard to find a quiet corner! Enjoy, and tell them sent you 🙂

Stonefire Grill

STONEFIRE Grill is a fast-casual family style restaurant with locations throughout Southern California.

[Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was invited as a member of the media to attend Stonefire Grill’s New Menu Item event at their West Hills location (August 30, 2017). Jonna Coleman, Westside Mommy contributor, attended on behalf of and shared her experience. All opinions are 100% her own – no monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. Photos taken by Jonna Coleman.]


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