Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden (Pasadena)

Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena. Image of pond.
The pond at Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden

My family and I have not been on an outing together for a very long time. Today, we finally did and it was exactly what we all needed. We were prompted to do something for our toddler’s mental stimulation after watching the first part of the “Babies” documentary on Netflix. Our first kid was lucky enough to have a vast array of experiences at an early age, but the second one spent the last several months in the confines of our home bubble due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were cautious and wore our masks and brought hand sanitizer for our day trip to Pasadena. The night before, I looked up several gardens that are currently open. Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena was my destination of choice because of the low entry fee ($7.50 per adult, FREE for children 12 and under), and because it was open and reservations were available. I’d never been there before, so it would be an adventure for us all. Most importantly, it was a place where my 14 month-old could explore.

Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena, California.
Beautiful and serene atmosphere

We purchased the ticket for the last two-hour time block of 2pm – 4pm. It’s a small, yet relaxing garden. There are several spots to sit and enjoy the space and converse. They stated in the pre-visit email that guests are welcome to bring their own chairs, should they be so inclined. We were fine using the provided seating. The limited capacity allowed for everyone to maintain the recommended six-foot distance.

Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena. Girl with facemask checking out the pond.
Enjoying the pond flora and fauna

My older kid loved checking out all the wildlife in the pond. She enjoyed seeing the fish and tadpoles swim near the surface, and identifying the different types of flora surrounding us.

Toddler on the bridge at Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden in Pasadena.
A bridge the perfect size for her!

The toddler had a lot of fun walking on the mini bridges and watching the little rock waterfalls. I enjoyed seeing the kids have fun in nature.

We did not feel crowded or rushed at all. We completed our visit in less than two hours. I would definitely recommend Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden for a peaceful zen retreat during these uneasy times.

Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden

A view of the pond at Storrier Sterns Japanese Garden from the overhead viewing area.
a view of the pond from above

Located at:
270 Arlington Drive
Pasadena, California 91105

Telephone: +1 (626) 399-1721

Check their website for up-to-date information regarding admission fees, operating hours, rules, and more.

Please note: we visited this place on our own and paid admission. This post is for informational purposes only. It is not sponsored post.