THE LION KING SING-ALONG at The El Capitan Theatre

Yesterday, my daughter and I attended THE LION KING SING-ALONG at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. It was a first visit to the theatre for both of us, and the first viewing of The Lion King for my daughter. I was thrilled when we were invited to attend and write about it for the blog because The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies.

The El Capitan Theatre

The El Capitan Theatre is a Historic Cultural Monument, located across from Hollywood and Highland. It’s a beautiful building, with Spanish Colonial style exterior and lavish interior. It hosts live stage shows, world premieres, special events, and screenings of classic Disney Films.

The curtains are a show in themselves

There are some cool layers you need to see before the show starts:


Timon dances on stage

Right before the movie started, Timon danced on stage to “Hakuna Matata.”


Right before the movie is confetti!

The confetti cannon is a little loud so be prepared.

Nostalgia and a new way to see the movie

Ok. I legit TEARED UP during the “Circle of Life” intro of The Lion King. Yes, I’m a softie, and I cry easily, but there is something about the music and raising baby Simba in the air that got all my mommy hormones crazy. I should have brought some tissue, because there was more than one scene in the movie that made me feel that way. When I was a teenager watching The Lion King in 1994, I would have never thought I would be watching it again in the theatre…in Hollywood…with my daughter. Circle of Life…reality.

We owned the video growing up, and I watched it over and over with my sister and brother. It was a wonderful bonding time for us, and I have fond memories of those times. We danced around, singing to the CD in our boom box, and even with the age gaps between us, Disney movies and music always brought us together.

Singing Along

I don’t know if sing-alongs are a “Los Angeles thing” or not, but since I’ve moved here so many years ago, I noticed they are quite common…and fun! Besides tearing up during “Circle of Life,” it was also very cool to see the actual words across the bottom of the screen — especially for that song. Other fun songs to sing-along to were (of course) “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

My daughter loved it

My daughter is quite sensitive and finds some scenes a bit scary, so I told her before the movie if she was afraid at any time, she could hold my hand and close her eyes. She didn’t do that once, despite the scene I thought would frighten her. On the drive home, she said she wanted to “watch it over and over again,” and sang “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” Looks like this is going to be the next soundtrack [affiliate link] we buy!


We didn’t dress up, but audience members are welcome to come in costume. Here are the costume guidelines for shows at the El Capitan Theatre:

Costume Guidelines

“Guests are welcome to attend in your favorite costume(s) but must follow the following guidelines: All costumes must be family-friendly and cannot be obstructive, offensive or violent. Costumes cannot drag on the ground and/or impede Guest from being able to walk on uneven ground or steps. Costumes cannot contain sharp or pointed objects which may strike another Guest. Masks may not be worn by any Guests ages 14 or older (unless required for medical purposes). When worn by younger Guests, masks must provide unobstructed peripheral vision at all times with openings that allow the eyes to be fully visible. Lastly, costumes cannot contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon. Weapons that pose a security risk will be checked at the doors by security as part of the security and bag checks.”

Ticket Options

VIP Preferred Tickets

VIP Tickets come with a souvenir popcorn bucket (and lid!) and twist top drink. This came in handy, because we did not finish all our popcorn during the movie. Assigned seats

Reserved Tickets

Reserved tickets are assigned seats, but without the concession.

Under 2 years Old

Children under 2 don’t need a ticket, but need to sit on the adult’s lap the entire movie. If they want a seat of their own, they need a purchased ticket.


They will validate your parking at The El Capitan Theatre, for a reduced parking fee of $2 for four hours or less at the Hollywood and Highland parking structure. Note that there is usually a lot of traffic on Hollywood Boulevard, and the structure is multi-leveled and pretty packed, so allow yourself at least 30 minutes to park and walk over.

Saturday Breakfast Package

ENJOY BREAKFAST PROVIDED BY MEL’S DRIVE-IN (HOLLYWOOD) & MEET TIMON PLUS RECEIVE A COMMEMORATIVE PHOTO AND A COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE LION KING ON DISNEY MOVIES ANYWHERE!* (c) 2017 Disney.  Each ticket package includes: Reserved Seat (no concessions) to see the movie at The El Capitan Theatre, and a meal from Mel’s Drive-In served at the theatre.  Advanced Reservations and Ticket Purchase Required (tickets must be booked no later than 24 hrs business days).  


“THE LION KING SING-ALONG” runs until August 20th at The El Capitan Theatre.

Tickets are now on sale at the box office, and 1-800-DISNEY6

Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was invited as a member of the media to attend this event to write about the experience for the blog. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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