Dreamscape’s Curse of the Lost Pearl VR Experience

Curse of the Lost Pearl
(Press image provided by Dreamscape)

Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was invited as a member of the media by Dreamscape to experience and share

Last weekend, three friends and I stepped into a fun virtual adventure at Dreamscape in Westfield Century City. We all had a blast at The Curse of the Lost Pearl, one of three multi-sensory interactive experiences offered. Two strangers were added to our “pod”, which put our group at six, the maximum number of participants.

this is the room where we strap on the sensors
(Press Image provided by Dreamscape)

After checking in at our designated time, a guide took us to a room, where she instructed us to strap sensors on our feet and hands, told us what we would be doing, and answered any questions or concerns. We also wore 11-pound backpacks and VR masks, which made us all feel like “Ghostbusters.” The weird and cool part about doing this with friends is getting used to seeing them as the avatars they chose when initially checking in.

an “Indiana Jones” style adventure
(Press image provided by Dreamscape)

I felt like I was in an “Indiana Jones” movie! We felt the heat from fire, wind on our face, actually picked up torches, and walked through caves. The ground shook, making the “rollercoaster” part feel so real! At one point we were separated (two groups of three), but it was all still very fun. The close quarters and exciting mission made me bond with strangers!

I would love to return to check out the other adventures. It would also be a great place to take out-of-town guests or friends curious about virtual reality. Kids have to be 10 or older, so be sure you plan accordingly.

it feels so real
(Press image provided by Dreamscape)

Here’s what my friends had to say:

friends at Curse of the Lost Pearl Dreamscape Immersive adventure
VR Adventures await

VR Dreamscape “The Curse of the Lost Pearl” was such an amazing adventure.  It was especially a wonderful experience since I was able to be with my friends. Thank you Ruby (Westside Mommy)!  I look forward to joining you on your next adventure.  

Betty K-P
Storefront of Dreamscape Immersive
(Press image provided by Dreamscape)

My experience of “The Curse of the Lost Pearl” at Dreamscape Immersive was thrilling! I had never done any VR experience or game, I was thoroughly blown away by the technology and engaging storyline. I can’t wait to do another one and take my husband. If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Aya Q.
Sitting/waiting area at Dreamscape Immersive
(Press image provided by Dreamscape)

I did not know what to expect and was a little nervous as a result. The friendliness of the staff, the unique decor, and charming gift shop were soothing distractions until show time! As I strapped on my equipment, I felt like an astronaut preparing for launch.
The experience was absolutely thrilling. I was completely immersed into another world. My favorite moments were on the runaway rail cart. I jumped up and down with excitement as the wind rushed through my hair. I completely forgot I was in the middle of a theatre in Los Angeles

Jessica S.

Thank you, Dreamscape, for a fantastic adventure!

Read about my husband’s Dreamscape experience here. He originally went with a friend because I was pregnant at the time of the original invite and could’t go.

Dreamscape Immersive

Dreamscape uses the most advanced VR technologies to create an entirely new form of mainstream location based entertainment.

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