“What to wear besides yoga pants” by guest contributor Maria Aldana

I admit it, I still love wearing my pregnancy leggings and yoga pants whenever possible. My daughter is almost one, so the period of forgiveness for wearing maternity clothes is almost up.  I will continue to wear my yoga pants, but need to change it up with something else. I asked my fashion-educated, stylish friend and fellow mommy Maria Aldana to be a guest contributor for this series of questions to revamp my wardrobe. She always looked great during her pregnancy, and she is just as stylish today.  This is part 2 of a 4 part series.  Check back every Wednesday!

About Maria by Maria


“I’ve always been into fashion at a young age, but took a strong interest when I was in London for my undergraduate degree in 2002. Two years ago, I left the corporate world and decided to go back to school. I attended Parsons in NYC and studied fashion design. Less than a week after I moved to NY, I was literally thrown into the fashion world. I worked backstage at the Cynthia Rowley runway show and along side with her and her design team.  I learned my way around NYC and the subway system very quickly running fashion errands around the city. I also worked for the fabric team at Vera Wang and took a strong interest in learning about various textiles and prints.  Last year, I got married and moved back to Seattle where my son was born. He’s now 8 months old and I’m enjoying the joys of being a new mom. I still keep current with the fashion world through social media and the web. I’m currently working on an organic baby line. I’m designing my own fabric and prints right now, which is really exciting.”
 You can find Maria on instagram at: mysweetpotatoe
Coming soon: her organic baby line, which we will announce when it’s live!


Q. What is a good “throw together outfit” to wear to run errands (like the grocery store or Target) that doesn’t consist of yoga pants?

Maria Answers:

I can totally relate to this! Yoga pants have actually become my best friend during pregnancy and after baby. They are so comfortable! I’m slowly retiring out of the yoga pants when I run errands now, since it’s my opportunity to get out of the house and dress up with baby. Comfort is always important for me, especially when it comes to shoes, now that I have a baby. I went from wearing 4 inch heels running errands around NYC to wearing flats on a daily basis with baby, a year later.  Stretch jeans or leggings with a tee/tank and a lightweight cardigan and some cute flats or sandals is a great “throw together” outfit. Bright colored shoes or a handbag can really pull together a relaxed basic look. Sometimes I can’t resist my yoga pants and I’ll throw on my embellished faux leather jacket and carry my printed tote bag and feel instantly more stylish.

what to wear instead of yoga pants by maria aldana for westsidemommy.com

what to wear instead of yoga pants while running errands by Maria Aldana for westsidemommy.com