Whole Foods Market’s new Baby Body Care line

365_BabyLotionShampooWash_FamilyDisclaimer: Whole Foods Market provided me these products to sample and review. I chose to review them, and all opinions are my own.

In response to a growing demand for affordable, safe baby products, Whole Foods Market created a line of 365 Everyday Value® Baby Body Care that meets its Premium Body Care® Standards, which prohibits 400 ingredients including parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates.
The baby body care line includes:

365 Everyday Value® Baby Shampoo No Tears – SRP: $5.99


Usually, baby bath shampoos are sold as combination shampoo/bath wash, so it’s a nice change to have a separate shampoo and bath wash because sometimes I don’t wash my daughter’s hair every day. When I compared the ingredients on the labels of the shampoo and body wash, they were exactly the same, but ordered differently. I assume that means they used different measurements for a few of the ingredients, but are essentially the same product. Because they are the same price, it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. The differentiation of product will help my daughter learn there is one product for her hair, and one product for her body. As a mom, I feel I can use them interchangeably if necessary.

365 Everyday Value® Baby Foaming Wash No Tears* – SRP: $5.99

*This foaming wash has a patented cap that creates a self -foaming action by simply inverting the bottle and squeezing – only one hand required!


I really like the foaming action of this body wash. My daughter is still small enough to use a baby tub, but because of the drought, I haven’t been filling it up all the way. The foam is a nice alternative to bubble bath because it’s still entertaining enough to encourage her to like bath time AND wash herself.

365 Everyday Value® Baby Lotion – SRP: $5.99


This lotion smells good and the price is right. I like that it hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. I may start buying this for myself!

Whole Foods Market’s 365 Everyday Value® Baby Body Care is now available in stores. Find your local store by visiting wholefoodsmarket.com