Buffalo Wing Sauce Roundup


The Superbowl is right around the corner. It isn’t just about football. It’s also about commercials, half-time shows, the Puppy Bowl, and FOOD!

My current obsession is making homemade restaurant-style hot wings. Every time I make them, it’s an experiment. Recently, I tried three different “buffalo style” hot wing sauces.

First off, instead of frying wings, I decided to be lazy and try the baking method. I baked 30 chicken drummettes (no, they are not wings, but for the purposes of this post, I will use the words interchangeably because no one says “hot drummettes”). I use Rosie’s organic chicken, which I buy at my neighborhood Sprouts.

After baking the chicken in a 400 degree oven for 40 minutes, I seasoned them all with Tabasco Spicy Salt. Then, I dipped them in melted butter and slathered them with the following sauces:


Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce

This is the “original” sauce brand used when “buffalo wings” were first named. The original sauce is Frank’s RedHot Original Red Hot Sauce, which I’ve used in the past. This one is thicker and sticks to the chicken more than the regular hot sauce. In my opinion, it’s not hot enough, but it’s still pretty good as far as getting that familiar restaurant flavor.


TABASCO brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce

Regular Tabasco sauce is pretty hot, so I expected my mouth to be on fire when I used this. It was not on fire, and I actually found it  pretty mild. It still has a little kick, and the sauce stuck nicely to the wings and gave it a nice red color. I enjoyed this sauce, but Frank’s was still in the lead.


Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce

Pete’s sauce didn’t stick to the wings that well, but it did have a nice flavor. There is a tiny kick, which is surprising, because the wings don’t look that red. I like the sauce alright, but I think I’ll stick to Pete’s Original Hot sauce for gumbo and jambalaya.

We had about 5 pieces leftover. I told my husband to combine them all before he threw them in the fridge. I ate them the next day and they were delicious! What I learned from this experiment is to combine everything and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The wings taste better the next day!

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