Check out the cool trees on Solstice Canyon Trail in Malibu


On Saturday, the weather was perfect (around 76 degrees Fahrenheit) for a hike. My family and I went to Solstice Canyon Park in Malibu for the first time. I learned about Solstice Canyon Park when I looked up “cool places to take pictures in LA” online, so I brought my DSLR. I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t stop taking pictures on our hike. We didn’t get very far on the trail because my toddler doesn’t walk very fast and I was fascinated by all the cool trees we saw. We got as far as the Keller House, which is an old stone cottage that is view-able from the trail. We didn’t walk any further because my daughter was too tired and we were all very hungry. Solstice Canyon Park is a place we plan to check out again, but we will arrive earlier and plan better. Next time, I would like to hike to the waterfall.

Solstice Canyon trail is a kid-friendly and dog-friendly path with plenty of really cool trees. Here are some of our favorite trees:


This was my favorite interactive tree. A tree with a hole? I had to check it out. So I looked in, and saw there was a hole on the bottom on the other side. So I walked down the slope and popped in.


Hello! This is me inside the tree. (I asked my husband to take this picture with my phone).


I took this picture of Aria from inside the tree. She looked very weary of the whole situation.


So I asked my husband to lower her to me and we both stood in the tree and took a selfie. She was thrilled and so was I.



This was my favorite tree, visually, of the whole hike. It looks like it came out of a storybook like The Hobbit. The branches are so cool and you can just imagine the hole as a mouth and the tree coming to life.


Aria is a big fan of this tree, too. Nature makes the best playground.



This tree was the perfect size to walk into. It’s like a tree tee-pee. Does that make it a tree-pee? (“Can that be a thing?”)


There was even a little place to sit!



The hole in this tree was a little lower, but still very cool. This tree is next to the stone cottage. Aria loved picking up sticks, walking on her own, and climbing in and on trees. Solstice Canyon Park is a great place for kids and parents to explore and a destination for an awesome adventure.

Solstice Canyon Park is located in Malibu, in the Santa Monica Mountains


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