Design Dance Acceptance Tour Recap

By Shelby C.

Last Saturday, I had so much fun learning how to dance with this cool dance company that travels to different community centers and schools called Design Dance!

This is what we did there:

We first started off with a little stretching…then got into the movements. In the end, we came up with this really awesome dance. We also talked about trust and what it means to trust someone. My friend Sofia, who I’ve known since kindergarten, came with me. I know I can trust her and we did a dance around the word trust.

My teacher’s name was Christine and she lives in Chicago. She’s a blast and I wish she lived near us and could teach me all the time! She even did a dance with me on – I may even post it publicly (@shelbystuffgals).

This experience has really made me excited about taking a dance class somewhere. I have dance in my bones❣️ I would love for everyone to try it out! If you hear about a Design Dance event happening near you, you should definitely go!

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was made for this post. This experience was provided to facilitate this post. All opinions are that of the author. Photos taken and provided by Design Dance.