DSGN Conspiracy makes good design accessible to everyone

DSGN Conspiracy is brand new interior design company that focuses on bringing good design to everyone. Below is a Q&A with Julia Kayton, one of the co-owners, or “conspirators.” Together with Justin and Bella, they provide solutions for small and large design problems and love working with families! 

What are some examples of simple design solutions and more extravagant ones?

Sometimes re-upholstering furniture can really change the feel of a room without the expense of buying new furniture. Redoing a bathroom or a kitchen is a big investment of time and money.

I’m a renter. How can you help me design my place within my landlord’s limitations?

Having a really smart floor plan with good storage solutions can make a huge difference in how a rented space can be utilized. Adding accessories can also add color and interest to a space.

How do you help families design their space with small children in mind?

This is my favorite subject!  There are so many bulletproof fabrics that are available today. Investing in expensive furniture and rugs with small children is silly. Homes should be beautiful but they should also be sensible.

Do you offer easy modifications or a reduced rate for return customers? (i.e. interior design needs for a growing family)

Our team believes in complete transparency. We believe that good design is always a good value, and we are always flexible when working with families.

Can you give an example of your process of work? For example, do you take a client’s request through a form, or on the phone, etc. and are you flexible and creative with limited budgets?

We always like to email or have a phone call with a prospective client to make sure we can meet their needs. And then one of us will come out to the home and see the space for a free consult. We love the challenge of limited budgets. When we started our company, we all agreed that good design should be available to everyone regardless of budget.

What neighborhoods do you service?

Bella lives in Pasadena. Justin lives in Downtown, and Julia lives in Santa Monica. So we service everywhere in between!

Are you on Houzz and how do you work with clients who have most of their ideas picked out already

We are on Houzz, and we know how challenging it can be to implement ideas. We help clients turn their ideas into reality.

Do you offer consulting services for people who need to narrow down their ideas or to even start from scratch?

We take on small projects where someone may just need help picking some fabrics or selecting the perfect paint colors for their home.  And are also fluent in AutoCAD and SketchUP, so we can even develop concept boards so a client can see what something will look like before they are ready to commit.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your business or yourself?

We know that design can be really intimidating and even stuffy! We like to think of interior design as fun and accessible. We love the idea of creating spaces that meet the needs of a client.

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DSGN Conspiracy

We are a brand new company. And our focus is bringing good design to everyone. We feel that the interior design industry is really stuffy and intimidating, and we want it to be accessible and fun.  We all love what we do and we take on any sized projects – something simple like picking new paint colors or picking wallpapers. Or we can help redesign new kitchens.  All three of us are strong with AutoCAD, SketchUP and other softwares, so we can also help clients get a visual image of what their project can look like.

Julia lives in Santa Monica.  Justin lives in Downtown and Bella lives in Pasadena.  We like working together and that is where the “conspiracy” idea comes in. Although two designers may be working on a project, we only charge for one designer – and we also believe in complete transparency in billing.

Website: dsgnconspiracy.com

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Disclaimer: This is a paid, sponsored Q&A post for DSGN Conspiracy. Photos used with permission and provided by DSGN Conspiracy.