Adventures on the Metro and Elmo at Central Library

Today, we took the Metro from Culver City (Expo line) to Downtown Los Angeles with our friends Melissa (owner of Essential Chocolate Desserts) and Jaden (Melissa’s daughter). It was Aria’s second time on the Metro and Jaden’s first.

The Expo line is clean and new. I wish there was more parking. I circled the lot twice. Thankfully, I found a parking space because someone was leaving. The ride on the metro was fun for the kids, and they enjoyed looking out the window. We were also armed with snacks and books. We rode in the first car, where there was space for us to park our strollers. When we arrived downtown (7th Street), the elevator was out of order! Luckily, we were able to maneuver our strollers on the escalator.


Sesame Workshop’s newest bilingual early literacy initiative, “Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day” at Central Library, Downtown Los Angeles

We walked .3 miles to Central Library. It is a beautiful building and our first time there. I definitely want to return to check out the rest of what it has to offer.


There were stations with different activities such as this one.


We met Elmo! Aria was pretty tired, so she wasn’t as excited as I hoped she’d be.

After we had our photo-op with Elmo, there was storytime led by one of the librarians. Aria and Jaden didn’t last very long, so we had to leave as soon as it started.
When we returned to the metro, the elevator was still out of order. The escalators only went up, and we needed to go down. Thankfully, there were some nice men who helped Melissa and I carry the strollers down two flights of stairs. That definitely restored our faith in humanity!

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