Family & Friends Visiting L.A. This Week

I’m going to have a full house in my apartment this week, with people of varying ages staying over. Most of them are here for a friend’s wedding, but that doesn’t take place until next weekend. Summer is a popular time for visitors, as I learned a few other friends have out-of-town guests this week as well. When you live in L.A., it’s to be expected because right now it’s hot as heck everywhere else. The good thing about guests staying over is I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner because there are more than enough fantastic restaurants and places to eat.

Here are a few places we plan on hitting for food:

Things we (or they) will do:

  • Universal Studios: It will be my daughter’s first visit to a theme park! Children under 3 are free!
  • The Beach: Not sure which one we will go to yet
  • The Conan O’Brien Show: They are big Conan fans, and got their tickets already. I’m going to drive them all the way to Burbank and hang out with some friends and their kids while I wait for the taping to end
  • Jazz at LACMA: We are going to see Sara Gazarek on Friday June 27. I’m excited. I’ve never been to a Jazz Friday event there.
  • 3000 Moments: Pascal Campion: My sister loves this artist, and he is having a show this weekend. Unfortunately, she is unable to be here, but her daughter and I will pick something out for her and meet the artist on June 28th at Center Stage Gallery in North Hollywood.

Well, that’s my week ahead!