Kids Pottery Classes at Good Dirt LA

The following is a guest post by 8-year old Shelby, who took a pottery class last Saturday with a friend at Good Dirt LA! Good Dirt LA is a pottery studio in Los Angeles, located in the Del Rey neighborhood of the Westside. They offer adult classes, kids classes, and host workshops and events. You can even get some friends together to have your own private class!

Good Dirt LA – Pottery making

By Shelby, age 8

I went to Good Dirt LA and I had a lot of fun. Lina taught us how to make a bowl out of clay on a spinning wheel. She told us clay is really dirt.

This is how we did it:

  1. Got a moisturized ball of clay
  2. We had to throw the ball hard in the center of the wheel
  3. Get drips of water and make it rain over the clay from a bowl in front of us
  4. Tuned on the wheel and put our thumbs in the middle kinda hard
  5. She taught us how to shape it

It was fun but kinda hard. After we were done painting it she said she is going to put it in the kiln to make it glazed.

We also made a cup. We got to use texture thingies that made the clay look like wood and stones. So cool! I highly recommend that you try out a class. Her dog is so sweet and adorable too.

Here are some photos from the class! Click for larger image and to read caption. All photos by Jonna Jetson Coleman.

From Good Dirt LA:
Good Dirt LA pottery classes for kids and teens will focus on creativity and exploring the endless possibilities of clay. They’ll have a chance to learn the basic methods of handbuilding—coiling, pinching, building with slabs and sculpting—and what goes into making bowls, mugs, containers, and sculptural art pieces. Our young students will be guided step-by-step through all of the processes, but there’s always room for them to take control over their own art projects and tailor each one according to their own creative needs. Good Dirt LA always encourages individuality!

For class schedules and more information, visit Good Dirt LA online at:

Good Dirt LA is located at: 4505 S. Centinela Ave. 90066

Disclaimer: A free kid’s pottery class was offered to me so I could share the experience with my readers. Since my daughter is too young to take a pottery class, I offered it to my friend to use for her kid so she could share her experience, which as you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed!