Halloween with a 1.5 year-old vs. Halloween with a 2.5 year-old


Another Halloween down in the books! We had a fun Halloween and celebrated for the third year in a row with the same wonderful group of friends. It’s so nice to have a tradition to look forward to every year. There were so many changes from when she was 1.5 years old last year! Here are a few differences between last year and this year:



Last year, it was important to ME to be very creative and sew the costume myself. Inspired by my daughter’s look and hair, I had to make her “Boo” from Monster’s Inc.

Monarch Butterfly Costume Trick or Treat Toddler

This year, I had no time (or desire) to sew a costume. I’m thankful for the hand-me-down costume from my sister’s kid, even if it was on it’s last leg.



Last year, the kid was new to walking, so we only hit a handful of houses. She got tired really quickly, and candy wasn’t much of a motivator because I never allowed her to have any.


This year, we walked two blocks, and dad had one hand free. She’s had a taste of candy and quickly learned what this whole “trick-or-treating” thing was about. At one point, she got tired of carrying her candy bag and wanted mom or dad to carry it. I told her, “You have to carry it because it’s your candy. If you don’t want to carry it, you can put it on the ground and leave it here.” She fully understood and proceeded with her mission with no complaints.



Last year, spiders weren’t scary. Even one as huge as this one. She had a starting contest with it.


This year, spiders were a little spooky. I don’t blame her, though. This one is movement-activated and jumped out and frightened her. I had to muffle my laughter from where I stood. I like it when houses make an effort to decorate. We saw some really fantastic themes, including a house with professionally carved pumpkins!


Last year, she could barely talk, and the whole concept was strange.

This year, we taught manners and trick-or-treating protocol. It was really fun to see her enjoy Halloween. I made sure to remind her this is only something we do once a year.

Looking forward to next year!


Last Year’s Halloween with my Little Boo (2014)

Halloween Costuming (2014)



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