The HUSH Hat is a noise-reducing hat for babies. Review by Aya Kimura

By Aya Kimura

When I was asked to review the HUSH Hat for, it couldn’t have come at a better time because my four-month-old son started to startle and wake up from noises during his daytime naps. I admit, I am not the most graceful of human beings, so my clumsiness frequently woke up my son; which is never pleasant for either of us. Luckily, my almost three-year-old daughter could sleep through any loud situation since birth, so I didn’t understand what I was doing differently with my son to make him more sensitive to sounds. Was my pot-dropping not helping him get used to noise while he napped? 

Along comes the HUSH Hat: it looks like any other beanie for a baby but with a secret weapon; two soft pillow-y medical grade foam that conforms to your baby’s ears to soften out any harsh/startling high decibel noises.

I was skeptical at first, thinking that this product was too good to be true, because how could something as simple as little foam pieces defend my son’s hearing from loud noise monsters including myself, angry LA car-honking drivers, and the construction filled world we live in?

We tried it during his first nap. It was kind of a hard adjustment for him. I had never put a cap or hat on him, so he kept tugging on it, which made the foam pieces that were supposed to lay against his ears shift and the front part of the hat covered his eyes, which he also hated. 

That was my rookie mistake, so I put it on him AFTER he fell asleep and voilá, no more angry baby tugging on a hat.

That was my rookie mistake, so I put it on him AFTER he fell asleep and voilá, no more angry baby tugging on a hat. After that, he slept soundly and didn’t wake up for three hours. I even put him in the living room during a time I knew the trash truck would come and make crashing and banging sounds that would definitely wake him up, but nada – he slept right through it. He did wake up when an unexpected package came to my door and the dogs went on their barking cacophony, but he didn’t wake up crying. 

It was the holiday season, so we went on many adventures with our two kids in tow. We visited Universal Studios theme park and spent most of the late afternoon and evening there, which happens to coincide with one of my son’s nap times. When he started to get sleepy, I put the HUSH Hat on him. He peacefully slept through the rustling and bustling that only a theme park can offer!

Here was the ultimate test for the HUSH Hat: watching a movie in a theater. After a few previews before the movie SING,  he was out like a light. Despite wearing the HUSH Hat throughout the whole movie, the occasional deep bass startled my son, because he could feel it in his body. He didn’t wake up, but he jolted a little. I would not recommend taking your baby to see a movie, even with the HUSH Hat if your baby is sensitive to that kind of feeling. 

Hush Hat by Hush Baby


The HUSH Hat was invented by a mom when her youngest baby had a hard time staying asleep, at the time no product seemed to help her child until she invented her own product to solve her problem. (What an awesome mom!)

The stylish & light design of this hat is perfect to throw into your diaper bag and pull out whenever the situation arises where noise could startle your little one awake. The HUSH Hat is available in over a dozen cute designs, and can be used from birth to two years old. It is truly a life/sleep saver and should be on any new mom’s list of must-haves on their baby shower registry.

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Westside Mommy did not receive compensation for this post. We received the product to review. All opinions are honest and belong to the writer of the post, Aya Kimura. Photos provided by Aya Kimura.

Aya Kimura

Aya is a professional esthetician. She also is an avid organizer, loves to clean, and is an excellent cook. Both her children benefit from babywearing, organic meals, and her interest in innovative baby products. Aya loves attending baby-centered events, foodie events, and has a natural talent for bringing people together.


I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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