Lisa Loeb’s new album “Lullaby Girl”

Recently, I received a review copy of Lisa Loeb‘s newly released album “Lullaby Girl“. This album of 13 classic songs are freshly arranged, with a smooth jazz feel. Originally planned as a traditional lullaby record for children, Lisa and her longtime collaborators, Rich Jacques and Larry Goldings, took this album on a different path to appeal to both children and adult audiences alike.

This album is the a real-life soundtrack to lazy Sundays with the family, slow-motion pillow fights with the kids (complete with feathers and laughter), and candlelit drinks with the husband after the kids have gone to sleep. Even though that is not my life, I can dream it is, while listening to Lisa’s soothing voice backed by a world-class quartet.

The memories it will conjure for older (gah, yes, I’m categorized as “older” now) listeners are nostalgic. The first track, “Be My Baby”, reminds me of watching Dirty Dancing (a movie I wasn’t supposed to watch at the time) at my best friend’s house in the late 80s.  “What The World Needs Now” is timeless, and the message is even more relevant today as it was when the song first came out. And even though we haven’t taken my daughter to Disneyland yet, I know “A Dream Is A Wish” is a song she will want to hear over and over after we do finally go.

I must say, I enjoy this CD a lot more than my 4-year old daughter does, so I think it’s an album most enjoyed by adults, chill children, and babies.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Lisa Loeb in concert at several events around Los Angeles the past couple years. With the release of this new album, Lisa Loeb is touring once more (check for tour dates).

Lullaby Girl is a new Amazon Original family music album available for streaming exclusively through Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, as well as for digital download or physical purchase through Amazon Music.

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Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is a singer/songwriter, producer, touring artist, actor, author and philanthropist who started her career with the platinum-selling number (or No.) 1 hit song, “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film Reality Bites, as well as two back-to-back albums that were certified Gold—Tails and Firecracker. A trailblazing independent artist, Lisa was the first musician to have a number (or No.) 1 single while not signed to a recording contract. She followed that remarkable feat with the hit singles, “Do You Sleep,” “I Do” and “Let’s Forget about It” and the albums Cake and Pie, The Way It Really Is, and No Fairy Tale

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