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SPIN – The Disney Channel Original Movie “Spin” follows Rhea (Avantika), a relatable Indian American teen who discovers her passion for creating DJ mixes that blend the rich textures of her South Asian culture and the world around her. Her life revolves around her eclectic group of friends, Molly, Watson and Ginger, her after-school coding club, her family’s Indian restaurant, and her tightknit, multigenerational family, which includes her father Arvind, younger brother Rohan and her grandmother Asha. Everything changes when she falls for aspiring DJ Max, and her long-lost fervor for music is reignited. Rhea discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music but must find the courage to follow her true inner talent. (Disney) KEY ART

On Tuesday, August 10th, Jiya attended an advance drive-in screening event of Disney’s movie ‘Spin’ in Santa Monica. She contributes the following for WestsideMommy.com :

Synopsis: ‘Spin’ is the story of an Indian American teen who chances upon her talent for creating DJ mixes. She discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music by blending mundane everyday sounds surrounding her, with Indian/ Bollywood music. But first she must find the courage to pursue her calling.

My Take: I was thrilled at the chance to attend the drive-in advance screening of the Disney Channel original movie ‘Spin’. Being an Indian American, 15 year old, dedicated musician myself, I just had to watch it!

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I found the storyline – with it’s portrayal of a progressive, tight-knit family truly resonated with me. I could particularly relate to the relationship between the 15-year old protagonist Rhea, and her nani (maternal grandma). That reminded me so much of the relationship I share with my mausis (aunts), who similarly unconditionally love and support me with all my endeavors.

It was a refreshing change to see the Indian American community represented in a non-stereotypical way. I loved the cultural inclusivity in Rhea’s high school, where they held the Indian festival of Holi as a school fundraiser (side note: Holi truly is that much fun). 

‘Spin’ gives viewers glimpses into Indian culture, with all its beauty and vivid colors. It is a cute, light-hearted Disney movie that would appeal to both, music-loving youngsters as well as teens. There was such diversity in all the characters’ personalities and interests, that every viewer will be able to find someone on screen they can relate to. 

Disney Channel original movie ‘Spin’, premiered August 13th. To learn more, please visit DisneyPlus.com

Disclaimer: Westside Mommy was invited as a member of the media to attend this event. All opinions are honest and belong to the author of the written piece.


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