Review: The Best of Babywearing



I always knew about babywearing, but I had no idea (until I Googled it) there are organized groups of people dedicated to babywearing.  I just thought of it as an accessory to carry your child, similar to how you would choose to wear a scarf to keep your neck warm.  But then again, an organized group of scarf wearers might exist.  But I digress.  I own three of the five types of carriers out there.  I’m glad I got the ERGOBaby Carrier and the Moby Wrap as hand-me-downs from mom friends.  The Hava Baby Sling was a gift from my parents (which I asked for).  Each style is useful in its own way.  I asked my non-parent friend, Danielle (pictured above, and in the ERGObaby Carrier, and Moby Wrap photos), to model them and tell me which one she liked best.  Here are the products, the pros and cons of each.

Hava Baby Sling

At the Walgreens on Sunset, wearing the Hava Sling

At the Walgreens on Sunset, using the Hava Sling

Pros:  This is the carrier I use the most.  I mainly use it for shopping trips or anytime I have to run errands with the baby.  I like it because it’s easy to put on and take off.  It packs well, and can be rolled easily into the diaper bag.  There are a lot of great colors and designs available.

Cons:  The Hava Baby Sling is sized according to height, which makes sharing it with your partner and impossible if you wear different sizes.  It has padding on the shoulder, but after a while it can start to hurt.  That’s why using it on short trips is best.

Since this carrier was not Danielle’s size, she did not review this product.




ERGObaby Carrier

Danielle using the Ergo Carrier

ERGObaby Carrier

Pros:  I always use this carrier when I travel by air.  It is great for waiting in long lines at the airport, and the backpack style padded shoulder straps are very supportive and comfortable.  I also wear my baby in it while sitting on the plane so she can sleep in it.  (However, when flying, your baby must sit on your lap on takeoff and landing).  I like using this for walks that are longer than 20 minutes.  My baby is on the small side, so I was not able to use this until she was heavy enough.  I could have purchased the Ergobaby Infant Insert, but since I had the other carriers, I just waited until she was big enough for me to use it.  My husband uses this too.  Actually it’s the only carrier he uses.  We haven’t tried it yet, but I like the back-wearing option.

This is the carrier Danielle said she liked the most because it feels secure and sturdy.

Cons:  It took me awhile to get the hang of putting it on, since there are so many buckles and straps. However, I received a tip from a fellow mom.  She said to size it to yourself first, and after unbuckling the waist, leave the horizontal back strap buckled.  That way, you can just slip it on and off your head easily.  It definitely takes some practice doing it on your own.  It’s a little bulky, so this is best for prolonged use.

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Danielle using the Moby

Moby Wrap

Pros:  Once on, this wrap is very comfortable and supportive.  My baby seemed very happy in it too.  I like the closeness of the contact I have with my baby with this carrier, and it’s easy to do other things while using it.  I can wash dishes and clean up the house.  It’s one size fits all.

Cons:  Because it’s a big, long piece of cloth, it’s a little confusing to put on at first.  The website says you can carry a baby up to 35 pounds in it, but as my baby is now older, I think she likes it less.  I don’t use this as often, mainly because it just takes too long to put on.  I wish I had this when my baby was younger, because I think I would have used it more when she was less mobile.

Danielle liked this, but said once you get the baby in this, it better stay in there for a while, because it really is a big pain to put on.



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