The Weekend

My daughter has been sick with a phlegmy cough since last Thursday, so my most of my weekend was spent at home with the exception of Saturday night. I rarely go out, but luckily, my husband watched the baby so I could celebrate my friend’s 50th birthday at The Churchill. It was a cool venue on 3rd street, and I valet my car because free parking is scarce in that area. Can’t really say anything about the food, because I ate before I arrived. I did order a drink at the bar. I ordered an old fashioned, my drink of choice lately, partially influenced by Mad Men, my husband who loves whiskey, and our friend Scott, who makes a mean old fashioned. Two years ago, I could barely sip whiskey. Now, it’s a welcoming, almost sweet taste. Could the fact that I have a child now have something to do with it? A correlation between alcohol tolerance and toddler tolerance? Possibly. I would return to The Churchill, as it was a good spot with good drinks.

Today, we went to the Doctor to have Aria checked out. Seems as though she has some viral infection that’s going around. Her being sick, combined with her changing nap schedule, prompted me to cancel the Monday playdates until I can figure out a better time.

Alright, sorry for the boring post! Hoping for a good week.