TKD Update: two testings, a rumble, and Korean coaches

It’s been awhile since I wrote an update about my belt advancement in Taekwondo at Tae Ryong Taekwondo School Brentwood, so here it is!

Since the last update (which was October 9, 2017), here’s what’s happened:


In February, Tae Ryong Brentwood hosted student athletes and their coaches from Korea. They trained with us and coached us during their stay in Los Angeles. Korean coach Master Kim Jun Young was a member of the 2004 Olympic and Samsung Taekwondo Team in Korea. It was an honor to receive training from the coaches and inspiring to train with international athletes!

Belt advancement

I earned my green belt three months ago (December 2017), and my second degree green belt last Saturday (March 17). It’s amazing how much I learned since training for my belt last March. First of all, I never thought I could have the endurance I have now. I remember the first few classes, I was out of breath and not very confident in my moves. Now, I’ve learned three forms (“Taegeuk Forms):

Several kicks, including:

  • Axe Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Front Kick
  • Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Side Kick

Also, a number of hand techniques and stances.

Board Breaking

From December:

From March 17:


I never thought I would intentionally get my butt kicked for fun. But I am.

Does it hurt? Yes.

A lot? It depends on who you’re sparring!

I’m happy I faced this fear. I went full-force and participated in the February 3rd Rumble, held at the Westwood Tae Ryong location. The coolest part about this Rumble in particular were the guests from the Korean TKD team. It was held as a seminar and rumble, where the Korean trainers taught for the first half.

from Rumble

At the Rumble, I sparred 5 (I think) people. Oh, at Rumbles, it’s divided between males and females. Anyone can spar, regardless of belt. It’s a good opportunity to practice with people outside your studio (“dojang”). Everyone is bigger than me, and height is an advantage in this sport. Needless to say, I never “won”, but it was good practice for sparring at testing and in general.

It was a good experience for everyone, from children to adults, to learn about confidence and challenging oneself.


What’s Next

The next belt I test for is BLUE…in about three months!

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