Westwood Mom’s Group


Side 1 of the postcard for Raising Mom’s Up, a Westwood Mom’s Group


Side 2 of the postcard for Raising Mom’s Up, a Westwood Mom’s Group

The new “semester” is starting up again for a mom’s group I attend. Westwood Mom’s group, or Raising Moms Up, is a diverse group of moms who meet to discuss parenting topics, share experiences, and ask questions. Almost everyone brings a food item to share (it doesn’t have to be fancy), but some moms are known to bring some delicious homemade goodies (check out my link for Amy’s Summer Orzo Salad). In addition to food and great conversation, there is child care! Their schedule coordinates with UCLA’s academic calendar because several of the child care helpers are students.

I was originally hesitant to join (when my daughter was less than a year old) because it conflicted with my daughter’s nap schedule, so I only made it to one meeting that semester. This past semester, I attended almost every meeting and really got to know this great group of women. It was also the first time my daughter was in the care of someone else. The caretakers are great, and I was comfortable knowing Aria was just a few doors down so I could peek in when I needed. My daughter did fine, and it didn’t bother me that she missed a nap once a week. Besides, I was getting “me” time by making new mom friends and doing something for myself!

I’m really excited about this upcoming semester! Aria’s down to one nap now, and it isn’t until after the meeting! This will give us both a chance to socialize with our peers, and in turn will help us both grow! Also, we can now attend the optional picnic lunch with the kids, from noon – 1:00pm. Lunch is the time to further discuss the topic of the day, or to just ask other moms whatever is on your mind.

Westwood Mom’s group has a Meetup page which has more information, or you can just show up at any of the scheduled meetings to check it out! It’s open to all Moms, regardless of your child’s age.

Wednesdays from 10:00am – Noon at University Bible Church (10801 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 90024)
See side 2 of postcard above for more details.