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You’ll be singing “Seratonin” all weekend after hearing Mista Cookie Jar’s new single

Mista Cookie Jar, known for his retro-sounding, kid-friendly, danceable beats, recently released a new single: “Seratonin.” Influenced by the medical field (as indicated in his interview on Full Van Fun), Mista Cookie Jar wrote Seratonin to scientifically explain that amazing, positive, usually indescribable “yay” feeling. It definitely got me moving, and will instantly (no joke) put you in a good mood.

Listen to Seratonin here (and sing along with the provided lyrics!):

Aside from a few collaborations with other awesome artists such as Andrew and Polly, it’s been a year since the last solo Mista Cookie Jar album. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer, because he’s coming out with new stuff! As he states, “the style is still classic Mista Cookie Jar, but with a modern (beats, synths, samples) party/dancefloor/concert vibe.”

I’m looking forward to hearing more of his new stuff, but for now enjoy (and buy) his latest single…stay happy and have an amazing seratonin-filled weekend!

Mista Cookie Jar and The Chocolate Chips

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