Potty-centric products that interest my child

My daughter is almost three. She is not potty trained yet and is mildly showing interest in using the potty. The “process” has been very long. I can say it’s because I’ve read articles written by pediatric urologists about waiting until your child is three and the dangers of potty training too early, but I will also admit sheer laziness. My mom (and many nannies I know) will probably say I’m crazy for using RIE parenting techniques in this regard (which is referred to as “toilet learning”), but along with eating and sleeping, I don’t think bodily functions should be forced.

Hopefully, I won’t be writing a defeated post when my daughter is four and still doesn’t know how to use the potty, but until then, here are some things that have piqued her interest:

Once Upon A Potty Book


We’ve borrowed many different potty book titles from the library, but this is the one my daughter likes the most. There is a girl version and a boy version of this book. It’s a very cute read, and my daughter learned the functions of some of her different body parts (although I replace the word “wee wee” with “vagina” because I prefer to use the proper anatomical terms for her private parts). 

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Celebration Potty System


We don’t own this potty, but a friend of ours does. My daughter’s friend who is around the same age (and is showing more interest in potty learning) has this in their bathroom as well as an Elmo themed potty. The girls like to sit on the potties together and my daughter actually pees into it. I suppose she likes the group setting (is this why girls love going to the bathroom together?), but I know she also likes the celebration “cheer” sound the potty makes when the handle is pushed.

A potty seat cover with a built-in step stool


This is the Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up. It looks like something a grandparent would use, and is not cute at all. However, it is functional and practical. It was recommended by a friend I know from Mom’s Group who has two kids. Her second is younger than my daughter and took a great interest in learning to use the potty and does not wear diapers anymore.

Screen Time watching baby animals

I know most parents cringe at screen time, while others welcome it. I see it as a learning tool and a way my daughter will sit on the potty without complaining. My daughter isn’t a big eater, so the bribing with food method won’t really work with her. I’ve bribed her to get in the bath with it, and now I’m using it for the potty. She loves watching baby animals and there are countless videos on YouTube such as the one below. I enjoy watching them too!

I’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, here are some other cute and helpful things for the potty learning process.